Friday, December 12, 2008

Post something. ANYTHING.

The Advent calendar is done. I haven't put the numbers on yet though - too busy. I just pinned them to a crocheted chain and hung them up. After Christmas, when I'm taking everything down, I'll decide on a nice arrangement, pin them in order, then do the numbers.

It's snowing outside - first of the year. Just last night I finally remembered to stop at the kids' consignment place and buy the snowsuit I had picked out for Charlotte. I never did manage to get a sled though, which is too bad because once the snow falls people remember they need them, and sleds become impossible to find.

The kids have just spotted the snow falling, so they are clamouring to bake something. I have to go clear up the kitchen and make room for gingerbread rolling.


Kristine said...

The look on Lucy's face this morning when we walked outside was -- wonder. Pure and simple wonder.

Grandma was going to take her out in her snowsuit and sled today. I wanted to be there more than anything in the world, let me tell ya.

This working thing bites.

mel said...

Snow and gingerbread rolling? I'm so in. Now, just need a cheap flight ;)

Ames said...

Oooh pretty. Especially the one with the snowflake.

kate said...

There was pandemonium at the window in the Grade 3 classroom this morning, let me tell you!!

Love the advent string. Love love love.

Shan said...

Kristine - Yup, if I had to leave them and go to work, I'd hate it. Being able to be a SAHM = blessing.

lizbon said...

Mmmmm gingerbread. I want that smell. Maybe someone will beg me to bake some again soon.

Love those little advent mittens.

Annalea said...

Hooray! You posted something. :o) And it's far, far better than the meme I resorted to. lol

Have a wonderful day baking!

knititch said...

oh that sounds nice. and the advent calendar is beautiful.